Thursday, March 5, 2009

Once upon a blog

I am very new at this:
Isn't this the way a lot of blogs begin?
I can relate. Beginnings usually confound me; I prefer to broach them once I am done saying all. It is very fortunate, then, that my world affords such luxury of choice to me, for a rain forest would have to be sacrificed to my quest for the perfect potato chip of a beginning, using crunch and salt to whet tastebuds.
It might also make sense to begin with a fear, so I confess this: I am afraid my blogging might end up as a useless exercise in claustrophobic narcissism. I am also afraid no matter how loudly I speak, in however many languages, I shall remain unheard.
However, I do hope that my fears are my usual neurosis which will melt in clear light of logic. And we all know that naming a fear averts such a disaster.
Disasters squared away and fears conquered, now, then, would be a good time to start.
So I shall resort to the traditional, and hope that instead of a potato chip, this beginning shall serve as nothing more or less than a threshold.
Once Upon A Blog . . .

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